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What is Aol Mail

80s and 90s kids, or anyone who was over the age of 13 in the year 2006 or so, hold on to your hats, because I have some potentially mind-blowing news for you. “You’ve got mail!” And your Buddy List from yesteryear may very well still exist. AOL Mail is alive and well, but with a completely new concept that puts it on the same level as today’s most popular online and mobile platforms, like Gmail and Yahoo.

create new aol email account

The AOL Mail is part of an entire online portal, much like the Yahoo! portal. As a matter of fact, it is now owned by the same company as Yahoo, along with Verizon Wireless and several other brands. If you are a Yahoo user or at least familiar with their homepage and services, is very similar these days. Here’s a snap of a portion of the new portal as it appeared today:

create aol mail account

As you can see, there are some icons in the left toolbar which serve as shortcuts to the most important tools and services, including AOL Mail, Search, Sign In or Register, News, etc. At the top of the page, there is a search bar that allows you to search the internet using AOL’s search engine.

There is also a page called “AOL MyBenefits” which shows you different features and services available to you through your AOL account. The benefits you see here when you are signed in to your account may vary depending on if you have a paid plan or not.

aol free service

Finally, there is a “Discover AOL” section, which displays all the products and services offered. You can filter by the type of product or service, including the ability to only display free options.

discovery aol

Create New Aol Email Account

The process of opening an AOL Mail account is simple, but you will need to have a mobile phone number that can receive SMS text messages, as well as an alternate email address before you start.

First, go to the homepage at You’ll see a web portal that looks a lot like Yahoo, with news headlines, weather, etc. In the upper right-hand corner, there is an icon that looks like a envelope. Click on this icon to open a new page.

create new email account

Now clicking on Create an Account this will take you to the AOL registration page.

create aol mail account

On the sign up page, all you need to do is fill in your personal information one field at a time, starting with your first and last name.

aol mail sign up

In the second field, you will have to pick a username to go with your AOL account. This will be your AOL Mail email address. The registration form will probably offer you some suggested usernames based on your first and last name.

aol mail sign up username

I went ahead and chose the first suggestion they made for me. You are welcome to come up with something completely different, though, as long as no one else is using it. If the name is available, you will see a green checkmark indicating that everything is OK.

Continue by choosing a password to secure your account, which has to be 8-16 characters. Some hints for make strong passwords that are hard to guess or hack are given off to the side.

Fill in the rest of the required information, and pay special attention when you enter your mobile number and your alternate email address. It’s very important that both of these are typed correctly, because they will be used to verify your account and also to help you recover your password if you ever lose it.

After all of your data has been entered and you click the “Acknowledge” button.

create aol mail account

You will need to verify your phone number, Click on Yes, send me a code and you will recibe a text message to the mobile number you provided. If the SMS fails to send for some reason, you’ll get an error and will have to enter a new phone number.

create aol mail verify  phone number

You will need to enter the code to verify your phone number

aol mail verification code

And then… tadaa! Your new AOL Mail account is all set up and ready to go.

create aol mail account

Aol mail sign in

Now that you have created your new AOL email account, you will need to know how to access your mail, contacts, calendar, instant messages and everything else if you aren’t on your home computer where you are set to be signed in automatically (more on that later). And when you do use some other computer to sign in to your AOL Mail, you will also need to be sure you are able to log out when you are finished so that no unauthorized users can see your private mail.

If you want to get to your AOL inbox to check your email or send a message, or simply access your personalized portal, the first step is simple and intuitive. Just open up any internet browser, and go to

Now, look at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you are still signed in from before, you will see your name or user ID there. Otherwise, it may not be immediately clear where you have to go in order to log in to AOL Mail. In that same upper-right corner, you should see an envelope-shaped “mail” icon. Click on this icon to go to the AOL sign in page.

aol mail login

Once you are on the login screen, the rest of the process is straightforward and probably what you are expecting. Simply type your AOL email address or username into the first field.

aol mail sign in enter username

And then enter your account password into the second field. Remember that this is the password you chose when you created your account, and it is case-sensitive, which means that uppercase and lowercase letters are considered separate characters.

aol mail sign in enter password

When you are sure you have typed in your email and password correctly, click on the blue “Next” button.

Note: If you are using your personal, private computer and want to stay logged in to AOL so that you don’t have to sign in every time you want to check your email, you can check the box next to “Remember Me”. This way, you won’t be automatically signed out when you close your browser window or turn off your computer.

This is NOT recommended for shared computers, because it will give other users easy access to your email and other account features.

In just a few seconds, depending on your internet speed, you will be taken to your personalized AOL account portal, which looks just like the normal home page but with a few subtle differences. For example, you’ll see your username in the upper right-hand corner, along with local weather. Meanwhile, on the left side of the screen, you’ll see a new navigation bar that will lead you to your AOL inbox and other email folders, as well as your contact list, calendar, etc.

Aol mail sign up

After you have done everything you need to do in your AOL account, like checking email, it’s a good idea to sign out in order to protect your privacy.

When you are using your own private computer, this isn’t necessary. But if you are using a shared PC, and especially if you are using a public computer (like at the library, for example), then knowing how to sign out of AOL Mail is extremely importan

To do this, go over to the upper right-hand corner of your AOL account portal again, where you see your username. Right below your name is an option that says “LOGOUT”. All you have to do is click on it.

aol mail logout

You might see this little waiting/loading screen while AOL works to log you out of your email and account. Just wait a few seconds, and you’ll be redirected to another page that confirms you were successfully signed out of AOL

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