Create New Email Account

create new email account

What is a Email?

An e-mail is a medium of communication, which messages or multimedia information can be exchanged over a local network or the Internet. To the surprise of some, emails originated even before the Internet, and its popularity has only increased over the years, becoming one of the most important digital communication media in the world. 

Emails are not only used on a personal level, multiple marketing campaigns are directed to this digital media. It is estimated that up to 70% of the data exchange between members of companies and companies itself is done through e-mails. 

create new email account

Let’s learn how to be part of the best email platforms today and create new email account. But if you are still not sure, it is time to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of having an email.  

Advantages and disadvantages of an email


  • Interconnection. with the advent of smartphones and the imminent change of lifestyle to a more digital era, some email platforms allow you to store data in the cloud, have backup information and contacts, which you can access from other devices.
  • Speed. the time to send and receive email messages is almost immediate, making it an ideal way to exchange information.
  • Easy. With a simple interface that has remained unchanged since its inception, e-mails can be used without extensive world wide web knowledge.
  • It’s everywhere. By having a device with an Internet connection, you can surely access your e-mail from anywhere in the world.
  • Immediate information. Just like its ancestor the conventional mail, e-mails have subscription services where you will receive immediate information about your web pages of interest, social networks, and others.


  • SPAM. Spam emails or unwanted emails are a common part of the platform, they are those messages sent in a massive way that seek to harm directly or indirectly to the receiver. Thankfully, many platforms have worked on making their anti-spam filters more and more efficient, for the wellbeing of their users.
  • Malware, hacks and fraud. Cyber criminals are experts in hiding harmful elements within emails and dissimulate them in such a way that the user is unknowingly allowing them to access very important information on their devices, such as bank accounts, personal data, location, and more.
  • Constant visualization. A frequent problem for email users is the fact that they do not check their inbox, it accumulates with unread emails and some important ones may remain unobserved. In companies or online stores it is important to check their mail constantly and pay attention to the alerts because if there is a delay in responding to a customer, it can ruin the operation.

Create new email account Gmail

Create new email account in gmail is quite simple, just follow these instructions. First we need that our device is connected to the internet, the following is to open the browser of your choice (chrome, edge, safari, mozilla, Opera, etc) we continue to write in the navigation bar the word Gmail, and when you click on the first result a screen like this will appear   

Create new email account Gmail

Once clicked, we will be sent to a page with a basic questionnaire where we will enter some of our data, as well as the user name we have chosen and a password which is recommended to have a high degree of security.

create new email account gmail

Once we have clicked next we will see the terms and conditions, after reading them carefully, we will click the accept button. 

create new email account

Congratulations, you have just created a new gmail account.

create new email account gmail

Gmail sign in and Gmail sign up

Eventually when we want to access our account, we will surely be asked to enter our data to log in again to our google email service. So since we have previously created our account now we must click on this button as shown in the following image.

gmail sing in

Then we will be directed to this interface where we will enter our email account, and then click as shown in the next screenshot.

gmail sign in

Finally we will enter the password that we have chosen previously and we will click as shown in the image. in this way we will access again to our gmail account.

gmail account sign in

Surely a box will appear on the top right of our screens asking us if we want google to remember our account and password for the device where we are logging in. It is important to keep in mind that if we accept, any user accessing this device can know this data and enter our email account.

If what we want is to close the session of our email gmail, it is very simple we only have to observe in the right superior part of the screen, and to click in the circle that is our user’s profile. This will deploy a small menu that will show us other email accounts in case they exist and in the inferior part a button to the one which we will click.

gmail sing out

The platform will give us a notification that the session has been successfully closed and that the synchronization with other devices has been paused.

gmail sign out

Create new email account Yahoo

First we open our browser of preference, and in the search bar we will write we will press the enter key and we will be redirected to this page.

create new email account

At the bottom you can see the button to Sign UP, click on it to start the registration process.

create new email account yahoo

A questionnaire will be loaded and we will fill in our data and when they meet the minimum requirements allowed by the platform we will be able to click on continue and a notification will appear asking us if we want the browser to store our data. We will be redirected to a page.

create a yahoo account

Next we will to link a phone number for greater security of our account, and that will serve as a means to recover it in case of forgetting our data.

create a yahoo email account
create a new email account yahoo

And we have already successfully created our own Yahoo!

yahoo email account
yahoo mail account

Yahoo Mail sign in and Yahoo Mail sign up

If we want to close our yahoo email session we must go to the top right of our screens and click on our user icon, as shown in the previous slide.

yahoo mail account

To login to our email account, we go to the yahoo email home page, and now after entering our email address we will click next.

yahoo mail sign in

Now Enter password and click Next.

yahoo mail sign in

Create new email account Outlook

As we have already done in the previous email platforms, the steps to create new email account in outlook are very simple and similar. We will open our browser and we will write in the search bar outlook mail, then when selecting the first result this page will load. In which we will click just as it is indicated in the following capture.

create outlook email account

We will be sent directly to a page where we will be prompted to enter the email address we want and then click next and set a secure password. 

create new email account outlook
create new email account outlook

Now enter your name and last name and click Next

create new email account outlook

Enter your Country and your birthday

create new email account

And the last thing solve the puzzle

create yahoo mail account

And it will send us directly to the inbox as you can see in the following image, in three simple steps we have created our outlook email account.

create new email account

Outlook Mail sign in and sign up

To close our sesiont, we only have to, as in the previous occasions, direct our cursor to the upper right part of the screen and click on our user logo.

outlook mail sign out

And to start our session again on another occasion we go to the main page of outlook email in the same way as in step number 1. Only this time we will click on the option shown in the image below. 

outlook mail sign in

Then a box will appear on our screens in which we must enter our outlook email account or the phone number that we linked to the account we created previously, after entering our data and password may be required to fulfill a captcha verification. Then the following box will appear.

outlook mail sign in

Here we will decide if we want our account to remain logged in on the device, and thus avoid the previous steps to access our outlook email. But keep in mind that other users using the same device can access our personal email.

outlook mail sign in

And Ready we have learned to create new email account on different platforms.

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