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Outlook is one of the most used email services in the world, thanks to its reliability, security and because the brand have been related with quality and cyberspace since the decade of 1990, when Hotmail was created and represented a revolution in terms of using an email platform online, completely free and designed to use on the web browser, taking this services to the masses.

Nowadays, the service has been renamed as Outlook and its better than ever, by taking plenty of useful characteristics in relation to security, design, layout, different tools and other features that are needed at present time.

Because of it, we will be showing you how to create new outlook email account, the process to sign in and out and how you can use beta version for more advantages, since Microsoft is always renewing its email platform to keep up in a current competitive field thanks to Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

Create New Outlook Email Account

As it is obvious, in order to use Outlook and all the advantages offered by the email platform provided by Microsoft; you need to create your account. However, this is a very easy procedure and all you need to do is completing a short registration and enter the required information on the blanks.

To do so, all you need to do is write the web address on the URL bar on your browser, opening a page that will ask to enter your credentials to log in and open session in Outlook. Nevertheless, in this case we will not be opening session just yet but to start the registration process to have an account.

For this just click on the “Create one” button next to the question “No account?” right below the next option.

create outlook account

Now you are on the create account page and you have three options to choose from, depending on how you want to create your new account.

Creating an Outlook email account from a preexisting email address

When the page to create Outlook account is completely loaded the first option is to enter an email address you already have, regardless of the platform which it belongs in first place. For example, you can enter your account from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail and use it on Hotmail or Outlook platform, in the case you like Microsoft´s email service better. Then, click on “Next”.

aoutlook account

After you have entered your credentials from your preexisting account, the system will ask to write some more information like first and last name, country and date of birth, so type them in and click on “Next” as well.

outlook email
create outlook email

By entering all the required information, the last step for the platform to set the account is to write a four-digit code that is sent to the address you want to register. Therefore, log in on such email service, locate the Microsoft message with the code and then write it on the registration process being carried out in Outlook.

After entering the code, the platform will ask you to type in a catcha that you will see, in order to know if you are actually a human and avoid robots and malware. Type the code appeared on the screen and click on “Next”.

email outlook
outlook email

Now the registration process is completed and will be able to use Outlook platform with an email address from other provider. When you are logged in and on your inbox, you can see a new email sent by Microsoft welcome you to Hotmail platform and you can access personal information and account settings, by only clicking on your name´s initials at the top right corner.

email outlook

Creating a new outlook account by using a phone number

About the second option to create your account, there is the possibility to do it by using your phone number if you would like to. To start carrying out this process, just come back to the create account page and click on the option “Use a phone number instead” underneath the “Next” button.

create a outllok email account

Then, the system will ask you to enter information about the country you live in, a valid phone number and to create a new password.

After you do this, the platform will ask you to write the same information as in the first procedure, such as first and last name, country and date of birth. Nonetheless, in this case the verification code required by Microsoft will be sent to the phone number you registered on the first step, via SMS system and instead of being sent to an email address. Type in the code and click on “Next”.

outlook email account

As a last step, the platform will required a valid email address related to the service that will work as your alias, regardless of being this account creation process focused on utilizing a phone number to log in. So, write a previous email address you have and click on the “Next” button as usual. In this case, it must be an account from a different provider besides Outlook or Hotmail.


Now, the system will ask you to check in the inbox related to the account you entered, since it sent a message to verify such email address belongs to you, as well as the final touches to finish your account process.

new outlook email account

When you click on the verification link included on the received email, the process is completely finished and now you have an Outlook account that you can open with your phone number.

create outlook email

Creating a brand new Outlook account

In the case you do not have an email account at all, the best option is the third choice offered by the system that allows to create a brand new Hotmail or Outlook account, being the best pick since a great service platform will be opened for you; Skype, OneDrive, Office, XBOX Live and Bing are some of the useful tools you can use by having a Microsoft related email account.

To start the registration process, return to the create account page and click on “Get a new email address”.

outlook email

When you do so, the space to write a preexisting Hotmail or Outlook address change to write a new one in order to be created, giving you the chance to pick between or domains, by clicking on the pointing down arrow next to the empty bar.

So, write the name you want for your new Hotmail or Outlook account, pick your favorite domain between the two, then write a strong enough password on its corresponding space and then click on “Next”.

new outlook email

When the entered data is verified and the name you have chosen is checked as available, the platform will ask you to write all the personal information previously required on the earlier steps, such as first and last name, country, date of birth, so you know all of these procedures.

Nevertheless, after that in this case the system is going to ask to add security info, regarding your country and a mobile phone number, so when the platform require to verify you are you a security message will be sent to such phone number. So, choose your country and add your mobile phone number, which is going to receive a verification code right away by clicking on “Send code”.

outlook email account

After you have received the code on your phone, enter it on the new empty bar and click on “Next”. In this way, a new Outlook account has been created for you to use.

outlook mail

How to sing in Outlook email

Now that you have your brand new Outlook account, the next thing is to log in in order to receive emails, as well as being able to use services like Skype, creating documents on the go thanks to Office, and so much more, since you can enjoy these platform via web and without the need to download any other software.

To log in and open session, just write on the URL address bar of the browser you are using, like this a sign in page will appear for you to enter your credentials. In so, you have to write your email address on the first bar and then click on “Next”.

outlook mail login

When the email is verified by the system as an existing one, a new page will load asking for your password, so enter it on the corresponding empty space and click on the “Sign in” button. Like this, you will have opened session and ready to check your inbox, write messages and enjoy other services.

outlook email

How to sing up Outlook email

On another topic, to close session or sign out is a very easy process on Outlook, in case you want to be logged out for different reasons. To do so, just click on your picture icon located at the top right of your screen, next to the question mar icon or “Help” button.

When you click on your photo, a menu will be expanded showing three different options; “Edit profile” to change color, layout, profile photo and persona information; “View account”, to see details about your platform and general settings; and “Sign out”, the option to close session and to be logged out, so click on it to carry out this process and to keep your account secure.

outlook email

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