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With Mail Yahoo you can enjoy a renewed and modern email platform, with plenty of personalization options and settings that adapt the layout and design the way you want and need. For example, you can create customizable yahoo mail folders that work as email containers, having their own name that you choose at the time you create them, in order to differentiate one to the other.

So, by creating these folders you can organize your inbox and general email platform at your best convenience, with different folders where you can store messages from work, family, newsletter, college, receipts, online shopping and more. In this way, you can find specific emails you are looking for more easily, since they are organized and not laying around on a crowded inbox.

Today we are going to show how you can create your own yahoo mail folders with different names, how you can modify them and the process to add one or several emails from your inbox to such customizable folders.

In fact, with an easy procedure you can create a subfolder inside a created folder, in the case such container counts with several message and you want to organize them into categories.

How is the process to create your own yahoo mail folders?

In order to create a new yahoo mail folders platform, you obviously have to be logged in into the service. In this way, you will be able to manage and see your inbox and starting the process of creating your own useful and customizable folders.

Being on your inbox, on the left side you will be able to see a folder panel where you can click on the “Inbox”, “Unread”, “Starred”, “Draft”, “Sent”, “Archive”, “Spam” and “Deleted Items” buttons, as predetermined folders where your messages are stored depending on your actions, and also regarding the different types of email received.

yahoo mail folders

At the bottom of the folder panel, you will find the “Folders” button for you to create customizable email containers, however, such button will not be clickable just yet because there is not any created folders by you, so you have to click on the “Show” button for the “+ New Folder” option to appear.

yahoo email folders
yahoo mail folder

Then, you will click on the “+ New Folder” button and an empty space will appear for you to enter the new folder´s name, which in this example will be “Example” and after typing such word you will click on “Submit Input” button showed as a blue squared icon with an arrow. Like this, the new folder is now created and ready to use.

yahoo mail

If you change your mind and decide to change the folder´s name, you can erase the typed example and write another or cancel the whole process by clicking on the icon appearing as an “x”, which stands for “Dismiss input”.

yahoo mail folder

As you can see, the new folder labeled as “Example” is now available and ready to be used, as a small notification will let you know with its name on it. Of course, being a new folder means that it is going to be empty at this point, which lead us to the next step; moving selected messages from the inbox to this new email container and organize them better.

Moving emails from inbox to your new created folder

Now that you have created a new yahoo mail folders, you can move emails from your inbox to this container regarding the specific use you want to give it to it. In this case, the folder is labeled as “Example” so it means all messages related to this matter are going to be replaced into this concrete container.

To do so, you can select one message or several of them in the inbox, by clicking on the empty box next to every message, so you can select as much as you like. In this way, the option panel will be enabled on top of the inbox and you can click on diverse buttons to carry out different actions, such as “Archive”, “Move”, “Delete”, and “Spam”, along with others.

yahoo mail folder

Also, you can select all messages appearing on the list by clicking on the empty box next to left of the option panel, in case you want to move all of them to your new created folder.

selec yahoo email folder

So, having you selected the messages to replace now you are going to click on the “Move” button on the option panel, appearing a dropdown menu with options like “Find a folder”, “Archive”, “Spam”, “Deleted Items” and a list of all the created folders by you. Therefore, you are going to click on the “Exmaple” folder that should appear on the list.

move yahoo email folder

By doing so, a notification will appear showing you that the selected messages were replaced into the created folder, in this cases “Example” and it will also show an “Undo” button in case you want to cancel the operation.

create yahoo mail folder

Being inside the Example folder, you can see that the selected messages are actually in it and no longer in your inbox, giving a more organized approach to your layout and such messages will be easy to find.

yahoo mail folders

Also, you can move a specific email that you are reading into a created folder of yours, in the case you have it opened and you consider it should be on a container, in this example. So, open the message and click on the “Move” button on the option panel, and then look for the folder on the list of options appearing on the dropdown menu.

move yahoo mail folder

And last but not least, in the case you need to return messages from your created yahoo mail folders to the inbox or any other, repeat the last step but inside the folder from where the emails your want to return to inbox are, like an upside down process.

yahoo email folder

Modifying, renaming and deleting created Yahoo mail folders

After you have created different folders, you can modify them in order to correspond your interests over time, along with a deleting option in the case you consider not needing them anymore.

To access these options, place the cursor on the folder you want to modify or delete and click on the black arrow icon appearing next to its name, so a pop-up menu comes up with different options.

In details, you can click on “Archive All Emails” to store all messages from the folder to Archive, “Delete All Emails” to delete all messages inside the folder, and the options to “Rename Folder”, changing the name, “Delete Folder” to delete the container for good, and the “Create Subfolder” option, allowing you to organize large folders into sections if they become too large.

folders in yahoo mail

For example, this available option to create subfolders is important to manage big folders if you want to have sections and be more organized. To create a subfolder, click on the “Create Subfolder” option and type the name you want it to have, then click on “Submit Input” as the blue icon with an arrow and you are good to go, being in this case the “Office” folder.

yahoo mail folder

Also, you can delete this subfolder any time you want by using the options appeared on the pop-up menu, by clicking on the black arrow next to every created folder.

yahoo mail

Remember, when all the actions available on the pop-up menu are carried out a notification appears showing you the process was successful and correct.