Guerrilla Mail using a temporary email

When we are surfing the web, in many cases we want to sign up in different services online to start using them and obtain an account. Nonetheless, when we are completing the registration process we come to see that at the moment we provide our personal email account, our inbox start to be filled with subscriptions, news and product messages. We can avoid that using Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is temporary email platform that allows you to create a message container that lasts for a short period of time and then is destroyed. Like this, the user is able to have a working inbox to receive messages from services online that need verification, without the need to provide personal information and accounts that later on deal with SPAM and other privacy issues. 

Also, Guerrilla Mail does not need any type of previous registration whatsoever, it is free and completely anonymous, and even allows us to customize our email address and choose among different domains, with ease of use and the possibility to have as many accounts as you like when such are terminated along with messages inside, meaning in great privacy and no security situations involved. 

Having an email address using Guerrilla Mail  

To have our own account using the Guerrilla Mail platform the process is quite simple. You just need to open a tab or window with the preferred internet browser and enter the URL address By doing so, the home screen of the platform will be opened for you. 

At the center area of the screen an email bar will appear along with a domain list, this is where we are going to create the new account. 

Guerrilla Mail Temporary mail

At this point, if we are in a hurry and there is no need to have a customized temporary account using Guerrilla Mail, we can leave it as the platform shows it along with the domain and start receiving email, since the account is available and ready to use just entering the service. 

In fact, the platform shows right away the inbox ready to start receiving messages, which is placed at the bottom of the layout, although we will address this area later in another section.  

However, the main idea is to create a customizable personal account with your own name or nickname previously chosen. To do so, you click on the email bar that is also a button and write you name on the email bar, and then click on “Set” to establish it. In this case we will be writing “MiguelAraujo” as example. 

Guerrilla Mail Temporary mail
Guerrilla Mail Temporary mail

When we enter the nickname we select the domain from the list to the right of the email account, with up to twelve different domains available, in case the nickname is already used. Next, the platform will refresh the page and will show the message “Email set as (temporary account).” This means that the account was modified and updated successfully. 

Guerrilla Mail

Receiving emails on the temporary email created with Guerrilla Mail 

Now that we have created our personal temporary account the next logical step is to start receiving messages. Right away, Guerrilla Mail shows the inbox at the moment of accessing the platform, without any complicated procedure. 

The inbox is placed below the email account and shows messages in order of arrival, along with sender, subject, date and time. The inbox is part of the Email tab, along with other four that involve different functions, as we will address later. 

If we click on the message received, it will be opened and show details about it, such as content of the email, sender, date and time, in a very clear panel. 

Guerrilla Mail is one of the most complete temporary email platforms out there, since it is not just a container of messages, but it also allows to answer them easily and just like regular permanent email services, and temporary platforms of this sort usually do not offer this option. 

Write above the message we have opened we can see an option panel, including four different options: “Reply”, “Forward”, Back to Inbox” and “Show Original”. 

Guerrilla Mail

If we click on “Reply”, immediately the platform will reload and show the writing panel, in order to write the message received, including “To”, “Subject” and the previous message included in the writing section. 

If we want, Guerrilla Mail includes the Beta option to send files along with emails as attachment, as another function this type of platforms do not offer. To do so, we click on “Select File” on the side of the writing section. Per message the limit to upload files is 150 MB.

When the message is complete and ready to send, we are going to click on “Send” and the email will be received by the sender, just like regular services as Gmail or Outlook. 

Guerrilla Mail

By clicking on the button “Back to Inbox” we return to the homepage and inbox, in order to perform other actions or open other messages received. 

If we click in the second tab “Compose” the writing panel will be opened and we will be able to add recipient in the “To” space, “Subject” and below the space to write the actual message. In this case we will be writing “” as example, and the message will have to do with a work meeting. When the message is complete the last step is to click in “Send”. 

Guerrilla Mail

Next Click on I am not a Robot

Guerrilla Mail

Deleting messages and the temporary account in Guerrilla Mail 

Deleting messages in Guerrilla Mail is very easy, as a process that can be performed right there in the inbox. The user just have to select the message to delete by clicking on the empty space, and when the check mark appears just click on “Delete”, and the email will be removed for good. 

Guerrilla Mail

On the other hand, to delete the account before time limits expires is even simpler; just click on the “Forget Me” option right next to the domain list and the account will be deleted immediately. 

Guerrilla Mail
Guerrilla Mail

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