outlook mail contacts

Now that we are in Outlook mail home screen and we have created new email account, in order to use the service and send emails we can start to add outlook mail contacts. To carry out this adding process, the first thing we are going to do is spot the little icons menu placed at the very left of the screen, right next to the folder panel.

In this icons menu spotted previously there are five buttons or functions to use: “Mail”, “Calendar”, “People”, “Photos” and “Tasks”. In accordance to the process of adding outlook mail contacts we want to start, we will click in the “People” option, being placed exactly in the middle of the icons menu.

outlook mail contacts

In this way, another browser tab or window will be opened with options referring to people and contacts to send messages, as well as the possibilities to manage them.

In so, the layout is divided into three main areas: a folder panel at the left where default and customizable folders are shown, the contact list in the middle that included the added contacts, as well as the contact´s detail panel placed at the right, which shows information about the selected contact on the contact list.

outlook mail contacs

So, in order to add a new contact and start sending emails, we only have to click on the “New contact” button placed at the top of the option.

Like this, a pop-up window will be opened for us to add the related information, such as first and last name, email, mobile phone, working information and company, as well as notes regarding the contact to keep in record.

outlook mail contacts

In case you need to add more detailed and general information about the contact, all you need to do is click on the option “Add more” at the bottom of the windows, allowing to add more data about work, address, name, phone, chat, email and others.

outlook mail contacts

After we have typed in all the information regarding the contact, the only thing left to is clicking on “Create” to finish the adding process and the outlook mail contacts will be available to send messages. In case you have doubts about the entered information or you want to stop the adding process, you just have to click on the “Discard” option.

outlook mail contacts

Now that we have our contact added many options are possible, such as sending an email, start a chat and edit it in case we want to change information. In the same way, all of these processes can be done from the contact´s details panel by selecting the contact to manage, as well as the option bar enabled on top of the contact list, although we will address this tool in the next section.

Managing and deleting Outlook Mail Contacts

Now that we know how to add contacts, the next thing we are going to do is to manage such contacts, in order to edit, delete, classify, restore, import, export and clean up options, as well as more actions you can do to customize your email platform at choice.

To do so, we will use the option bar enabled at the top of the outlook mail contacts list, including all the options we have called previously. To highlight, all the actions performed from the option bar will have effect on a selected contact or group of contacts.

For example, the first option in the option bar is “Edit” that allows us to modify contacts and change general information by a pop-up window.

outlook mail contacts
outlook mail edit contacts

The next action available in the option bar to perform is “Delete”, which removes a contact or group of selected contacts from the lists. When we click on such option, a warning window will appear requiring confirmation to delete the selected outlook mail contacts.

outlook mail delete contacts

The third option is regarding adding contacts to favorites, being these contacts included in the default folder of the same name that you can use to have the contact you use the most at first hand. To do it, just click in the option “Add to favorites”.

Regarding the last general preference available in the option bar, we have the “Manage” button to administrate contacts in every way you need. For example, you can restore deleted contacts in case you want to recover them due to accidental removing, as well as you can import and export contacts with CSV files generated from and to other platforms as Gmail or Yahoo!.

outlook mail export contacts

Creating and managing new contact lists and folders

Besides managing and adding contacts, in Outlook you can also create contact lists and folders that allow to enjoy a more organized layout and finding contacts quicker. To create a new contact list, all you need to do is clicking in the “New folder” option and immediately you can enter the name of such folder, press the Enter key in the keyboard and you are good to go.

You can move outlook mail contacts to different folder’s

outlook mail move contacts