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Personal email accounts represent an important part of our lives with no doubt, as the tool we use to exchange information and communicate in a more formal way, in comparison to other chatting platforms or messengers that are more informal. In this way, email accounts are imperative in work and enterprise use, and such account must always stay private for our best convenience. 

The thing is that, in many cases surfing the web and be signing up in some online service or platform we tend to provide our personal email account, without being aware of possible consequences this action may have, for example starting receiving SPAM and tracking bots. With a temporary email account like Tempail we do not have to deal with such matter anymore. 

In details, Tempail is the specialized platform that allows us to create a temporary email address where we can receive messages, and when an hour has passed such account is completely removed with no trace. This is perfect to sign up to different services online and receive the confirmation message, without giving access to our personal email account and the risk of getting SPAM and compromise security. 

Learning to use Tempail

To have a new temporary email account as message container for services online is very easy. First of all, using your preferred internet browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari, Opera or another you just enter the URL address tempail.com on a new tab or window. 

By doing that, the platform will load and provide a brand new temporary email account to use. In this case the address to utilize is “serzujorto@vusra.com” as valid container to receive messages. 

Saving you time, the Tempail platform creates the temporary address and this is not possible to be changed, but at least the account is logical from the chosen characters point of view, coming up easy to share, understand and memorize, such as the previous example in the address given by the platform. 

Tempail refreshes the page every 10 seconds searching for new messages and showing them in the inbox, as the timer indicates next to the temporary email account. 

Tool panel available in Tempail 

Right next to the email account there is a tool panel to use in Tempail, which allows to perform different actions that are useful at any given moment. 

The first one is “Copy” and by clicking on it the email address will be copied to clipboard for further and easy sharing with others. As we click, a message in the platform will appear showing that the action was carried out successfully. 

The second option in the tool bar is “Refresh”, in case we want to reload the page if we are waiting for new urgent messages. In any case, the platform refreshes itself every 10 seconds as shown before. 

Continuing, the third option is a groundbreaking and new one that involves QR code, and if we capture it with a specialized app on our mobile device the Tempail platform will provide the temporary email account we are using again, anytime anywhere. 

The last option available in the tool bar is “Delete” as the possibility to eliminate completely the temporary account before time running out. By clicking on this button the address will be deletd for good and messages in it will never be able to be recovered. 

Receiving new messages with the temporary email in Tempail 

Now that we know how to share the temporary account provided by Tempail and manage the tools available, the next step is to start receiving messages in the inbox. Of course, to do that we can share the email address using the tools in the panel or by copying it to clipboard. 

If we scroll down a little on the platform we will be able to see the inbox, showing messages with sender, subject and time. 

To open an email, we just click directly on the message and we will be able to see the content and details, in order to know what is it about and perform related actions. 

In this way we are able to see who send the message, subject, time and content. In this case we see that the message is “This is a Example Mail”, as if it was a regular email account provided by permanent services. 

There are other actions available to take advantage when we open messages on Tempail. First, we can mark messages as unread in case we want to read them again or leave them that way, as well as delete the email for good. 

To perform these actions, there is an option bar right above the message received with the buttons “Mark as Unread” and “Delete”, carrying out the actions described in the button. 

To the left side of the option panel above messages there is the “Back” button, allowing us to return to the inbox directly and the sharing options. 

Changing language in Tempail 

Tempail establishes the language of the platform depending on the operating system, location and browser to determine the right language and show the options properly. Nevertheless, in some cases we need the platform to be shown in a different language for many reasons. 

Well, Tempail offers up to 14 different languages to choose from in case we need other one, between many options like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and more. 

Changing the language is a very simple process. Just go to the inbox or home screen in Tempail and click in the language button right in the top right corner. In this way, a menu will be displayed with the language available. 

Right from the list, just click on the language to choose and immediately the platform will refresh to show the corresponding selected language, as an important option for many people looking for temporary emails platforms. 

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