Yahoo Email Send an email, videos and Draft Folder

  1. How to compose an email on Yahoo Email
  2. Sending an email with photos, videos or files
  3. Yahoo email Putting an email on the Draft folder
  4. Yahoo email Deleting draft messages

Yahoo Email has a great and modern options in terms of personalization, productivity and security in order to compete with the biggest service companies online. Since, regardless of being Yahoo! a pioneer email platform in the decades of 1990 and 2000 and later in other services, the company was on its downside these last few years.

Nonetheless, Yahoo! as a service company is now on the right track and to still doing it all its platforms have been updated, with plenty of features and adaptable layouts for different screen sizes, emojis, better security, reliability for the users and taking advantage of different tools and technologies improving email services, instant messaging, newsletters and other possibilities.

In this case, we are going to show how to compose emails, how to leave them in Draft folder and what are the possibilities with this process, being an easy and fast way to edit messages on the go by retaking the composing procedure right where you leave it, saving you a lot of time and also these draft messages can work as reminders, notes and emails to be sent later.

How to compose an email on Yahoo Email

Before starting taking advantage of draft messages and its proper folder, we have to learn how to compose new emails, being the easiest thing to do with a process that only needs a few steps. To do so, enter the URL on your favorite search engine or on the URL bar of the browser you are using, then proceed to type your address and password.

Like this, your Yahoo eMail platform will start loading and you are going to be able to see your inbox. From this page, now we can begin to compose a new email to send one or a few contacts. To do it, click on the “Compose” button right underneath the Yahoo email logo on the top left corner, above the folder panel.

yahoo email

When you click on “Compose” a writing page will appear for you to create the new email, by adding one or as many receipts as you like on the “To” space bar, to include the reason to be of such message on the “Subject” bar, and right down below a bigger space for you to write the email´s content. So, all of these spaces will be editable when they are clicked on.

yahoo mail

Also, on the lower part of the writing page you can find the tool panel, for you to modify and add different elements to the email you are composing. For example, you can add attachments, gifs, emojis and stationeries, along with the text modifiers that allow to change the message content by entering bold, italic, different fonts, write with different colors and other options.

yahoo mail

After the email is completed by adding receipts, subject and proper content, you can send it clicking on the “Send” button. In this way, such email will be now replaced to the “Sent” folder that you can find easily in the folder panel on the left.

yahoo email send files
yahoo email send files

Sending an email with photos, videos or files

Now that you know how to send emails using Yahoo email, it is time to show how you can add attachments as files, images, videos, documents and others, allowing you to send valuable information besides written text.

To do it, open a blank email page by clicking on the “Compose” button and locate the paper click icon, right next to the blue “Send” button on the tool panel.

This paper click icon is the attachment button, so when you click a little pop up window with four options will be opened, for you to carry out different actions.

yahoo mail attach file

When you click on the first option; “Share files from cloud providers” a left side panel will be opened for you to pick files saved on cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

You need to connect your service with yahoo email

yahoo mail attach file

The other opcion attach files from recent email's

yahoo mail attach file
yahoo mail attach file

And last but not least, you have the option to “Attach files from computer” that allows you to pick any file or folder saved on your PC. So, when you click on this option a new window will be opened, where you can find the corresponding file and attach it to the email.

yahoo mail attach file
yahoo mail attach file
yahoo mail attach file

Keep in mind that if you want to attach a video, it cannot be too long or the platform will inform you that it can be uploaded an attached because of the size. There you have it, simple steps to send emails and attachments using Yahoo! Mail, being easier than ever and even including cloud attachment, a very useful tool at present time.

Yahoo email Putting an email on the Draft folder

Now, if you are writing a new email but you need to keep adding content on the go and therefore you are not sending it definitely, the option to leave on Draft folder is the best choice in this case. Like this, you can even logged out from your Yahoo email session and log in again and all draft messages will be there, for you to keep editing them until you consider they can be sent.

To do so, you can start writing a message as we have explained to you previously, by clicking on the “Compose” button, by adding a proper receipt, subject and message content. When you have finished this process, the next step is different from the previous procedure; you are not going to click on “Send”, instead you are going to click on the “X” located on the top right corner.

In detail, the X icon corresponds to the “Close (and save to draft)” option, meaning that the email you are writing will be closed on saved on the Draft folder.

yahoo mail draft folder

However, creating draft emails to modify on the go is even easier than clicking on a button; the Yahoo! ´s system platform do it for you automatically when you are writing a new email. For example, you can see it when a number is added and shown right beside the “Draft” folder, telling you how many messages are on such folder and that the one you are writing now is included.

In this case, such number is “1” because there is only one email added automatically to the Draft Folder; the one we are writing right now. Also, if you are creating a message and you click on purpose or by accident or another folder or icon, such message will be saved on the Drafts without any other action.

yahoo mail draft folder

Yahoo email Deleting draft messages

You can delete unsent emails on the Draft folder like any other messages sent and received, by using the option panel when you select emails on the draft that you want to manage.

For instance, click on the “Draft” button in the folder panel and a list of your available drafts will be shown, from such list you can select, search messages from the sender, star and delete emails. These options appear when you place the mouse cursor on any message without clicking it. In fact, a “draft” icon shows in red in every email for you to know these messages have not been send yet.

yahoo mail draft folder

When you click on the trash can icon to delete the draft, a notification message will appear asking you if you want to delete such message permanently; click on “Ok” to do so, or click on “Cancel” to return the previous screen.

yahoo mail draft folder

If you want, you can erase multiple draft at once by selecting all the messages appearing on the center list, by clicking on the tick box on the left side of the option panel. In this way, all draft emails will be selected and now you can click on the “Delete” button on the option panel. As in the last case, a notification warning will be shown to confirm the deleting process.

yahoo mail draft folder

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