yahoo mail account format

Yahoo mail account remains as one of the most potential email services that exist nowadays on the current market, since despite of all its shadowed episodes because of computer attacks, it is a portal that has known how to keep its place regardless of all the troubles.

Yahoo mail account received an authentic make over that redesigned completely the layout and also the functionality of the email client, which now is characterized for being a lot easier to use, more intuitive, cleaner and minimalistic in comparison to its older version. Because of this, it is convenient reviewing through one of the most important personalization on emails; the format.

Yahoo mail account basic format

To begin with, text modifier functions such as bold, italic, color or font are now more hidden than before, even though, they are at one click away anyway and keeping the easy to use concept that we see all along the new Mail Yahoo.

In details, to add format to an email we are writing you have to log in on your Yahoo mail account, then on the mail box you have to click on the “Write” button. Like this, a window will be opened to write an email with all the spaces to fill in.

Also, underneath the area that contains the text there is a personalization tool bar for written text, which are the buttons to insert attachments, gifs and emoticons.

yahoo mail account

Last but not least, there is a three dot button that opens a pop up menu with format options to modify email content.

In the same way, inside this pop up window you will find specifically the bold and italic buttons, another one to change the text font, a button to insert text with hyperlinks, another to change the font color and a button to remove any established format, leaving it without any format at all.

Continuing, there are the paragraph and line modifier buttons as well, which are the one to line up to the right, to the center and to the left, a button to add more indentation, and another one to generate bullet lists, numbered lists and the button to reduce indentation.

yahoo mail account format

In so, with these tools complex formats of email can be created, which after all are the format buttons that have always existed since the growth of the email service, thanks to new web technologies and platforms.

Wallpapers, gifs and emoticons are the new stuff on Yahoo Mail account

On another topic, an interesting aspect of the yahoo mail account is that buttons to enter gifs, wallpapers and emoticons have been added to the email in writing, as a way to give a more personal and informal touch to emailing, considering that this is not a very formal way of communication in the first place.  

In order to use these functions on the emails, you have to click on the “Write” button on the top left of the layout to write a new email, in the same way that occurs on the previous title, so an editing window will be shown requiring the data for the creation of the new email, being on the lower part of the screen the gifs, wallpaper and emoticon buttons.

yahoo mail account format

In the same order of ideas, by pressing the gift button a pop up window will be opened with some predetermined gifs to use that change every day, along with a searching bar to find the right one for what we want to express at that moment. Normally, the gifs can be found with words that are related with what we have in mind.

yahoo mail account format

By clicking on the wallpaper button, a pop up window will appear with some suggested wallpapers, depending on the date and time of the year. Also, it can be requested to show images depending on the moment of the year, the stand out ones or if they have to be referred to the birth date.

yahoo mail account format

Now, by clicking on the emoticon button a pop up window will be opened with the standard emoticons we all know, so we only have to select the emoticon that we need according to what we want to express in the moment, such as what we do on social networks. Also, the pop up window has the different emoticons classified by context, separating them by indicated sections on the lower part of the screen.

yahoo mail account format

In order to conclude, with all this we can create formal and informal email messages, since now we have the proper and required tools to cover these two ways of communication, which are two faces of the same coin at the end and can be used on several contexts.