Yahoo Mail contacts Adding and deleting

  1. Yahoo Mail contacts Adding new
  2. Importing your contacts from other email services to Yahoo Mail
  3. Deleting contacts from Yahoo Mail

One of the most useful advantages related with different email services like Yahoo Mail is that you do not have the need to track, or even know the information of your contacts, such as email addresses, mobile numbers, names, birthdays and others, since you can have all these data right there on your email platform. Like this, you can talk and stay in touch with all your acquaintances, work partners and family through your email service, along with detailed access to their personal information.

In this regard, Yahoo Mail allows users to add contacts in two different ways, which we are going to address letting you know the process to add contacts of interest, following easy steps we will show you.

Yahoo Mail contacts Adding new

First of all, if you want to start adding contacts to your Yahoo Mail list you have to be logged into the service, so log in and then click on the “Mail” button to access your inbox, appearing underneath the Yahoo! logo on the top right of the screen, being an envelope icon. Besides the Mail icon, the first one is an address book icon, which corresponds to the “Contacts” button to access this page.

yahoo mail

When you click on “Contacts” you will see the list with all people added on Yahoo eMail previously.

yahoo mail contacts

If you have not added any contacts yet to Yahoo Mail but some addresses appear, these might be contacts you sent emails before from your account, since they are added automatically for adding them more easily later.

There are two ways to add contacts on Yahoo Mail service; manual adding and import contacts. So, the first one corresponds to a basic and manual entering of contact´s information.

By clicking on the “Add a New Contact” button a form page will be opened, for you to enter the information related to the new contact.

yahoo mail contacts

When filling in the form related with your new contact, you can add as much information as you like. For example, you can add at least name, last name and address, but if you add data like birthdate, local addresses, phone numbers and more, the general information will be more functional and useful.

yahoo mail contacts

When all the added information regarding your contact is complete, you just have to click on the “Save” button to finish the process.

yahoo mail contacts

Now, you can return to Contacts and you will be able to see all the information of your new added contact, by just clicking on it and all details about entered data will be shown on the right side panel.

Importing your contacts from other email services to Yahoo Mail

Continuing, the second option related adding contacts to Yahoo! Mail has to do with the import contact process, basically bulling in all information about added people on other platforms into Yahoo! Mail in a direct and easy way.

In fact, you can import your contacts from email platforms like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and many more

yahoo mail contacts
yahoo mail contacts

For example, you can import your contacts from Gmail to Yahoo! Mail like it is shown on the image, by following some easy steps to do so. First, click on the “Import” button that appears on the right side panel of the screen, then wait for the different options to load, like Gmail, Outlook and Aol; click on the “Import” button next to its related platform.

By clicking on the “Import” button next to Gmail, a new window will be open asking for permission to access the contacts contained on your Gmail account, click on “Your Account” or “Sign In” in case you are not logged into Gmail on the browser. Like this, Yahoo! Mail will be granted to take contacts from Gmail.

yahoo mail contacts
yahoo mail contacts

Immediately, the process of importing the contacts from one platform to the other will be started, taking only a few minutes, although it depends on how many contacts will be imported in first place.

yahoo mail contacts

In this easy way, you will be having all of your contacts from Gmail or other platform into Yahoo Mail service, ready to send emails, attachments, share multimedia files.

Deleting contacts from Yahoo Mail

On another topic, adding contacts is not going to be the only thing you will be doing on Yahoo Mail for sure, deleting people you do not want to see or stay in touch is also an action that can be performed, or just because the actual contact´s address is updated or deleted.

To do it, click on the “All Contacts” button to show the general list of your contacts and look for the one you wish to delete.

yahoo mail contacts

When the actual contact you need to delete is located, you can click on it so different options will be opened on the top right of the side panel. Also, the clicked contact will be now checked for you to see that the option you select is related to such contact. Between the options you can click on “Delete”, among others like “Assign to Lists” and “Edit Details”.

yahoo mail contacts
yahoo mail contacts

When clicking on the “Delete” button, a pop up window will be shown with the confirmation process of deleting the contact, click on “Delete” if you actually want to carry out the action, or “Cancel” if deleting is going to be performed.

yahoo mail contacts

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