In today’s competitive email provider landscape, users expect a comprehensive suite of services to complement their accounts. ProtonMail, known for its commitment to privacy and security, offers additional applications within its service platform to enhance the user experience. One such application is ProtonDrive by ProtonMail. But what exactly is ProtonDrive? In this article, we will delve into the details of this app, explore its functionality and purpose, and learn how to make the most of it.

ProtonDrive is an integral part of the suite of services provided by ProtonMail, which also includes ProtonCalendar and ProtonVPN. These services share the same commitment to security, privacy, and confidentiality as the main ProtonMail offering.

ProtonDrive: Your Secure Cloud Storage Solution

ProtonDrive is a specialized cloud storage solution designed to provide secure storage for ProtonMail users. As an extension of the main email platform, ProtonDrive incorporates interesting features that ensure online privacy and confidentiality.


For example, ProtonDrive employs end-to-end encryption and zero-access protocols, along with other robust security measures. All of ProtonMail’s servers and hardware are located in Switzerland, offering protection against third-party access, even from a legal standpoint.


ProtonDrive is the latest addition to the ProtonMail ecosystem, joining ProtonCalendar and ProtonVPN. Together, these services form a secure and private suite of online tools, catering to users who prioritize safeguarding their personal information from unauthorized access by third parties.


Currently, ProtonMail offers ProtonDrive as a beta service, available exclusively to users with paid plans. Unfortunately, the encrypted cloud storage platform is not included in the free plan.


However, the benefits of investing in a paid plan far outweigh the cost. With the Plus service plan, users gain numerous security advantages, including protection against unauthorized alterations to their files, changes to file names, modifications to personal storage structures, and even the addition of new files in the event of a server breach.

Exploring ProtonDrive’s Features

The primary function of ProtonDrive is to store and secure users’ personal files. This versatile platform accommodates a wide range of file types, including documents, media files, and various other data formats. Once uploaded, these files become accessible from any device when the user logs into their account.

Additionally, all uploaded files are automatically encrypted, ensuring seamless access to information while maintaining stringent security measures. Users can download and preview their uploaded files, organize their personal information using folders, and perform actions such as moving, deleting, and renaming files at any time.

Moreover, ProtonDrive enables users to share files with their contacts through secure links and save email attachments by utilizing the available free space. This ensures that personal information and files are protected against hardware damage or accidental deletion.

Getting ProtonDrive by ProtonMail

To start enjoying the benefits of ProtonDrive, upgrade from the free plan to one of the paid options. ProtonMail offers three plans: Plus, for individuals; Professional, for businesses; and Visionary, for families and small teams.


By choosing the appropriate paid plan, users gain access to ProtonDrive, empowering them to secure their personal files in a reliable and privacy-focused cloud storage solution.

In conclusion, ProtonDrive by ProtonMail provides users with a secure and efficient cloud storage solution integrated seamlessly with the ProtonMail ecosystem. With its commitment to privacy, encryption, and user control, ProtonDrive offers peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding personal information and files. Upgrade your ProtonMail account today and explore the powerful features of ProtonDrive.