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10 Minute Mail Privacy and security are very important matters when it comes to internet and services online available, since through these platforms in many cases and without even notice it, we provide private information and access to data that must be secure and to ourselves the whole time. One example of this is when we provide our email account to different pages in cyberspace, just to sign up and be able to enjoy a service. 

The thing is that, when you provide your personal email account to services and websites online indiscriminately and with no control whatsoever, ultimately you will end up with an inbox full of SPAM and even worse, possibility to download malware and other malicious programs, through those messages received in form of subscriptions, product catalogues and others. 

To avoid that situation, this is where temporary email platforms come in to save the day, providing the possibility to create a limited email account that receive confirmation messages and after a while is gone, leaving our personal accounts out of risk of SPAM. 

The perfect example of a great temporary email platform is the 10 Minute Mail service, very easy to use and mobile-friendly, available in plenty of languages and designed to be used without the need to perform any complicated steps or procedures. 

In fact, from the beginning the platform is quite straightforward and ready to take advantage of, even for those users who are not that familiarized with online services or computers. 

Starting to use 10 Minute Mail 

Starting to take advantage of the 10 Minute Mail service is very simple. Actually, there is only one step involved in the process. You can begin by opening a tab or window in any of your preferred internet browser; from Google Chrome to Safari, all of them are compatible and the only recommendation is to use them in the most updated version.

When we have our tab open, by entering the URL address https://10minutemail.com/ we will be accessing the platform. Right at the home page there is everything you might need, first, this section provides a small explanation on how the program works, since in some cases users have doubts about the functionality and purposes of the email temporary service, which in this case lasts 10 minutes. 

10 Minute Mail

Something to highlight about 10 Minute Mail is the possibility to use several languages, in case the platform is being shown in a different one that is not the one you speak or handle. 

To change language locate the language menu located at the top right of the screen, and by clicking on it a list will be displayed with more than 30 options, including Russian, Chinese, Japanese and even Greek or Hebrew.

When language is changed the page reloads and the chosen language is automatically shown, for t best convenience of users all around the world.    

10 Minute Mail

Now that we know the purpose of 10 Minute Mail and how to set a new language, the next step is starting to receive messages, which is equally simple and easy to do.

How 10 Minute Mail provides with an account 

Starting to receive messages using 10 Minute Mail is just as easy as setting a new language and get into the platform, since everything is performed automatically and the user should not do anything, neither follow any complicated procedure. 

For example, if we scroll down (there may be the case where you do not need to, due to the use of high-resolution and bigger displays) automatically appears the new account, which is created at the very moment you enter the URL address. 

In this case, the temporary email address automatically generated by the system is dkqyqbxptgeoqjklnj@kvhrs.com, which is your account to use, just like that and without performing any complicated steps are registration. 

free 10 Minute Mail

With this approach, the platform is very easy to use and we do not have to worry about complicated procedures, since there is no customization possible and the temporary account to use is the one generated by the platform. This is also a perfect approach for users who are in a rush and just need a temporary account where receive messages to. 

Right next to the email account generated by the system there is a timer, which starts at 10:00 minutes and start ticking until countdown, meaning that the account is deleted when time is over. 

free 10 Minute Mail

There are also two options close to the timer that are quite valuable in the case of using a platform of this sort, such as sharing the address since the purpose is to start receiving messages and give such address to our contacts. 

If we click on the first icon we will copy to clipboard the email account, making very easy to paste it on a message and share it. 

free 10 Minute Mail

Very close to the “Copy to Clipboard” button there is the timer reset button, which allows you to reset the time and get other 10 Minute Mail more minutes and keep receiving messages. In this way, the timer will start over with the click of this button. 

free 10 Minute Mail

Receiving messages through 10 Minute Mail 

Receiving messages is very easy using 10 Minute Mail, since the inbox is shown also automatically and is always present, right below the bar where the email account appears. In case there are no messages, the system will tell you. 

On the other hand, when messages arrived these are shown in the form of a list, order by sender, subject and time, as it can been in the image below. 

10 Minute Mail free

As logically, in order to open a message the only step to follow is clicking on the actual email and will be open, showing the content, sender and other details. 

10 Minute Mail free

When we have an email open, we can see at the right of the message two important options; “Reply” and “Forward”. Yes, by using 10 Minute Mail you can reply to emails received, while plenty of other similar services do not allow this. 

To reply a message click on “Reply” and automatically a new writing section will be load where you can add text, although you can change the recipient since the platform only allows to reply.  

10 Minute Mail free
10 Minute Mail free

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